Top 5 Pirate Movies

Top 5 Pirate Movies

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

I recently had a birthday. Woop-de-do, right? (Bear with me, I promise this is relevant.) Well, sure birthdays come and go, but what other day allows you to throw a party and make people dress up (besides Halloween)? My friends may find it annoying, but I like to throw themed parties and encourage people to get creative with their costumes. So when my birthday rolled around this year, naturally my husband and I had to pick a theme. After many warning from a certain friend that no matter what the theme was, they would be dressed as a pirate, we caved. I had a pirate birthday (add in obligatory ‘arggh’).

Pirates! (And a mermaid.)

Pirates! (And a mermaid.)

Once we have our theme, we get into it. Really into it. Pirate music, pirate talk, and pirate movies became a part of our daily lives…for research purposes of course. But when it came to pirate movies, I was surprised by two things. One, the lack of pirate documentaries (I’m a documentary fiend), and two, the lack of new pirate movies.

I found a website listing ALL of the pirate movies. Seriously, all of them. When you scroll down the list, you’ll notice a lot of old pirate movies. Many of them resembling smutty romance novels (the posters are kind of amazing, I encourage you to look). But as far as new pirate movies, Pirates of the Caribbean dominates the market. Naturally, we watched a few movies staring Sparrow, but tried to watch as many other pirate movies as possible; research, mind you. Watching all these pirate movies (including Muppet’s Treasure Island) got me thinking about my favorite pirate movies of all time, and naturally I had to make a list.

May I present to you, my Top 5 Pirate Movies:

5.) Hook


4.) Pirates of the Caribbean


3.) The Goonies


2.) The Princess Bride 


1.) Disney’s Treasure Island 


Agree? Disagree? Tell me what your top five pirate movies are in the comments below!