Nerdy Kickstarters!

Nerdy Kickstarters!

By: Terra Olsen

Kickstarter has proven to be a great way to fund awesome ideas into reality. But there are soooo many different Kickstarters, it can be hard to pick which one(s) to support. So I decided to feature a few awesome and nerdy Kickstarters I think you should consider backing:

Nerdy Candles: For Nerds

Started by the wife/husband owned Frostbeard Studios, this Kickstarter will beautify and nerdify your home! They make handcrafted candles inspired by video games, movies, and comics! Their candles display a fun mashup of traditional craftsmanship and nerd culture. Simply put, their candles and their containers are just plain amazing, including this Bob-omb candle/container: 

“Bob-omb — A cute, little walking bomb that explodes… with refreshingly clean, slightly smoky scent.”

They also have candles with miniatures, like this Carbonite candle with a lil’ Han Solo inside it!


 So support them and get your hands on a nerdtastic candle! Please also check out their etsy.

Broodhollow Book 1: Curious Little Thing

Local comic creator, Kris Straub, started the Broodhollow Kickstarter in an effort to bring his web-series to physical form. If you’re not reading Broodhollow yet, I highly recommend it! It is one of my new favorite webcomics, so I was delighted to not only  help this talented webcartoonist but also get a get physical book (and other cool goodies) in the process! Although it is a horror comic, the old-timey art helps it reads more like an adventure comic (which I like). So check it out and help back the project!



Please also check out the Facebook page too for the latest news and neat-o photos.

Espionage Cosmetics “NAILED IT!”

For those into nerdy makeup, this is the Kickstarter for you! Espionage Cosmetics has created NAILED IT, a line of nerdy nail art inspired by a wide variety of fandoms. So far there are eight nerd-inspired designs, which are printed on self-adhesive nail wraps that can be filed to a custom fit (they might make up to 24 designs!). Espionage Cosmetics is a small, woman-owned business based in Tacoma, Washington, creating makeup for nerds, by nerds. So send some local love and help them complete their mission!


You can also check out their Facebook for updates too.

Hope you’re inspired to back one, two, or all three of these nerdtastic projects! 😀 And if you know of any other Kickstarters our readers might enjoy, please leave a link in the comments. Thanks!