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March 03

Tasty Food Blogs

Tasty Food Blogs  By: Meg Humphrey I love food and cooking, but with a fairly limited nutritionist provided eating plan, I can get bored really easily. Boredom leads me to deviation from my usual eating habits which means I end up in regrets and carb hangovers (I don’t get hangovers from alcohol, but I do […]

October 16

Podcasts of Note

Podcasts of Note: Pop Culture, Comedy, and Good Advice By: Jen Richards I started listening to podcasts when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal. My village did not have electricity, let alone television. Podcasts became one of my only sources of entertainment and direct links to what was going on in the US. […]

September 18

Blogs that I Love

5 Blogs that I Love (That you just might too) By: Virginia Eader 1.) The View from the Bus Since moving to Seattle almost 5 years ago, I’ve experienced my share of public bus drivers- some old, some grumpy, some overly friendly, and others who had confused their job with that of  an overly enthusiastic […]