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May 19

Real-Life Star Trek Tech

Guest Post By: Aradia There’s a myriad of articles & posts that discuss how the Communicator from Star Trek has come to life as the modern day mobile phone, as well as mentions of other iconic Star Trek technologies. So, since we’ve all heard that one before, I’ll ask you to walk through a list […]

May 12

Predator on the Big Screen

For those of you who don’t know me personally (or don’t follow me on twitter), you probably don’t know how big of a Predator fan I am. I love everything that has come out of that franchise. The books, the comics, the action figures, and ALL of the movies (I think I’m the only person […]

May 02

Star Wars Day

By: Meg Humphrey May Fourth has become the official Star Wars holiday over the last few years. As a Star Wars Fan since I was old enough to comprehend what a movie was, you’d think that it would be my favorite day of the year (outside of holidays where I get presents, of course). This […]

March 07

Space Travel Humanity

Finding Humanity in my Art through Space Travel By: Aradia To boldly go—ever since childhood, that’s what I wanted to do: see the outer reaches of space. Music was always just as much of a focus for me, and with those competing interests, one had to win out. But I never lost my fascination with […]

January 27

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar By: Meg Humphrey One of the newer rumors to hit the internet is the possibility of Pixar creating a Star Wars movie. As is the case with ALL Star Wars news (official or not), there has been a wide range of reactions to this news. Since Terra […]

January 20

All Hail the Glow Cloud

All Hail the Glow Cloud: How Welcome to Night Vale Won My Heart By: Leah Zoller I tend to describe the podcast Welcome to Night Vale as a surrealist fantasy version of Prairie Home Companion. Each 20-25-minute episode is narrated by Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Gershwin Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin), who gives […]

January 17

Spike Jonze’s Her

Spike Jonze’s Her: Light on the Sci-Fi, Heavy on Feelings By: Jen Richards (Warning: Potential though Minor Spoilers) Joaquin Phoenix stars in Her, the tale of a man who falls in love with his operating system (OS). A little far fetched perhaps, but knowing Spike Jonze was at the helm (as director and writer), gave […]