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December 11

Gift Guide: Book Nerd

Gift Guide: Book Nerd By: Terra Clarke Olsen Our gift guide continues! Today we’re featuring the perfect gifts for the book lover in your life. 1.) Banned Books Mug  $12.95; Unemployed Philosophers Guild 2.) READ Scrabble Tile Pillows $60; littlehousefrau on etsy 3.) Library Letters $20; Anthropologie  4.) Nerd Bookends  $62.99; KnoobCreekMetalArts on etsy  5.) Pride and […]

August 12

Nerdy Decor: Beautiful Bookcases

Nerdy Decor – Episode 5: Beautiful Bookcases By: Andrea Cole Do you have a lot of books? I’m sure you do. People love books, but sometimes the places we stash them don’t always match our decor. Bookcases often take the raw end of the deal and become more functional than fun. But let’s change that! Below […]

January 28

A New Year Means New Books

A New Year Means New Books  By: Marla Eizik If you’re like me, a new year is an excuse to create intense and arguably unrealistic goals. Last year’s goals were to “eat less sugar” and “write a novel in a month”(NaNoWriMo anyone?). Hilarious! The previous year’s goals were to “be more honest” and to “become […]