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August 23

DIY Deer Earrings

DIY Deer Earrings By: Katie Neely While thrifting for supplies for the Dino Planters, I found several bags of small plastic animals.These earrings are the first of many projects I have up my sleeve. Stay tuned for more projects like this one. Supplies: Small plastic toys Electric drill with 1/16 bit Metallic spray paint Earring […]

June 26

DIY Frosted Vases

DIY Frosted Vases By: Katie Neely My sister got married this past weekend and we made these frosted vases for her centerpieces. This is a great way to make something inexpensive look like a million bucks! What you need: Glass vases (I recommend Ikea or the Dollar Store) Rubber bands Desired color/frost or glitter spray […]

April 03

Reuse Candle Jars

Reuse Candle Jars (DIY) By Katie Neely What do you do with your used up jar candles? They always have a bit of wax in the bottom and usually get tossed in the trash or that candle that burned all the way down leaving behind tons of untouched wax. Here is a creative way to […]

March 28

Craft Time: Surprise Easter Eggs

Craft Time: Surprise Easter Eggs By: Andrea Cole You know what’s fun? Easter eggs. You know what’s tasty? Chocolate and peanut butter. Know what’s amazing? Chocolate and peanut butter filled Easter eggs. That’s right, we’re filling real Easter eggs with chocolate and peanut butter! Here’s how: Grab the following supplies: For the Eggs: One Dozen […]

March 25

DIY Trekkie Washcloth

DIY Trekkie Washcloth By: Katie Neely Need some nerd style in your kitchen? Here is your next knitting project, Star Trek washcloths. Yarn: Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn or any other worsted weight cotton yarn. Instructions
: Cast on 34 stitches. 1 to 4: Knit 5: K4, p26, k4
6: Knit [and all even numbered rows through row […]

March 15

Nerd of the Week

Meet Heather, a Crochet Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen What are you nerdy for? I’m nerdy for lots of things, including books and movies. At the moment, I’m especially nerdy for crafts! Specifically, crocheting geeky hats. How did you discover nerdy crochet? My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was in gradeschool. I’ve […]

February 19

DIY Pedestal Plates and Bowls

DIY Pedestal Plates and Bowls By: Katie Neely What you need: Candle Stick Holder Plate or bowl Sandpaper E6000 Glue Heavy book If you’re using a glass candlestick holder take sandpaper and file down the rim. This will allow the glass to adhere better to the glass plate of bowl. Apply glue to the area […]

February 13

Interview with Chrystal, Founder of DigitalSoaps

Interview with Chrystal, Founder of DigitalSoaps Interview by Terra Olsen Tell me about yourself.  I am a former daily newspaper reporter who abandoned her career to make soap for a living. Most days, I am frazzled and full of caffeine. I live in a small studio in Bellingham, Wash., with my car-riding kitty companion, Anya. When it comes […]

January 22

DIY Bottle Lamp

DIY Bottle Lamp By: Katie Neely This weeks craft project is a speedy and simple craft that can light up your life and also add to your home decor. What you will need: Bottle (wine, hard alcohol bottle, etc.) Single strand of 50 lights (no connector for additional strands)-I found these at Big Lots for […]