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January 31

Sportsball Haters

Sportsball Haters: Leave the Fans Alone By: Terra Clarke Olsen Today is Blue Friday. But not just any Blue Friday- it’s the Blue Friday before the Super Bowl. I’m guessing that Washington state is a sea of blue and green today…and probably will be all weekend. (For those of you who are not familiar with […]

August 30

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink By: Terra Olsen PAX frenzy has hit the city, and with all that fandom comes fandom tattoos. Meg previously wrote a great piece on tattoos, “A Permanent Display of Fandom Affection”, but I wanted to highlight some great gaming tattoos in honor of this weekends shenanigans. Here are just a few […]

March 18

Tattoos: A Permanent Display of Fandom Affection

Tattoos: A Permanent Display of Fandom Affection By: Meg Humphrey Before ECCC, I had to break down and get two tattoos I’ve had in my head for a couple years: the Stargate addresses from Earth to Othala (the Asgard home world) and to Atlantis. You may be thinking “Really? Tattoos based on something you like […]