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June 17

BANG! An Amazing Card Game

BANG! An Amazing Card Game By: Virginia Eader I recently visited some old friends in Berkley, California. Not just any old friends but two of my most beloved nerdy guy friends (one of whom I’ve known since the age of 4 and the other since middle school. The 3 of us made up a large […]

April 11

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts By: LB Chambers As a big fan of Irrational Games’ Bioshock trilogy (that’s right- I even enjoyed the shamefully reviewed Bioshock 2) I’m sure you can imagine the sort of excitable frenzy Bioshock Infinite’s seemingly endless advertisements, countdowns and trailers were whipping me into over the last couple of years.  […]

February 18

Video Game Fan Videos

Video Game Fan Videos: Why They’re Amazing By: Brit McGinnis Let me start my first guest post by revealing something about me: I am not a gamer. Nope. Not at all. I love video game culture. I read about it all the time, and I love learning about it. I chill with gamers on a […]

January 30

5 Reasons Borderlands 2 Makes This Game Designer Happy

5 Reasons Borderlands 2 Makes This Game Designer Happy By: Mari Tokuda I know that Borderlands 2 has been out for a few months, but to celebrate the recent release of the new DLC, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, I’d like to discuss the top 5 things I love about it.  It’s a game that […]