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June 21

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?  By: Brit McGinnis Recently, Microsoft announced that they were recanting all of their former DRM (data rights management) policies, reversing their position on important issues like sharing games and video game consoles always being online. Here’s Giant Bomb’s very-well-summarized list of the true current state of the XBOX […]

May 10

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better?

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better? By: LB Chambers Here is the first of a new article series I will be experimenting with. One where I really, really want to hear from our readers! From you! So please before you read any further know that you are highly encouraged to Tweet, Facebook, or respond here […]

May 08

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers By: Brit McGinnis Starting out as a gamer is hard. I love the culture and there’s a lot of stuff coming out that I’m interested in trying, but like starting anything new for the first time, being around others that know more than you can be very intimidating. […]