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June 01

MIT’s Origami Robot: Cutest Breakthrough Ever

By: TCO Well, they did it. MIT created the cutest robot ever. But this robot is not just adorable, but functional beyond imagination. It’s development is a breakthrough that will change the science world as we know it. This little robot can fold, move, swim, push, dig, and then dissolve! The robots are made out of sheets of plastic […]

February 20

Geeky Items for Parenthood

By: TCO Hello from baby-land! Since baby Olsen entered the world in December, I’ve been absent from the blog world…and the Internet world…and let’s be honest, the social world as well. This whole parenting thing has been a wild journey with lots of ups and downs. But luckily for current and soon-to-be parents, nerds have made the […]

June 16

Wearable Tech

By: Terra Clarke Olsen The past few years have seen a rise in wearable tech and it’s becoming apparent that this isn’t a trend that’s going to slow down anytime soon. Rather, we’re going to see a rise of more and more wearable tech that is embraced by the masses. Especially as wearable tech becomes more fashion […]

May 19

Real-Life Star Trek Tech

Guest Post By: Aradia There’s a myriad of articles & posts that discuss how the Communicator from Star Trek has come to life as the modern day mobile phone, as well as mentions of other iconic Star Trek technologies. So, since we’ve all heard that one before, I’ll ask you to walk through a list […]

January 15

LB’s Level Up Life List

LB’s Level Up Life List By: LB Chambers If you know anything about me, you should know that I am basically obsessed with trying to improve. It’s a great excuse for me to try new things and not feel embarrassed (Oh, I’m sorry super intense rock wall climber, is this your life’s’ calling? Please don’t […]

August 07

Becoming Other

Becoming Other By: Esther Susan Williams Quilting together different day jobs that are similarly themed, interesting, and will (hopefully) get me professionally somewhere is how I stumbled upon the world of startups and women in tech. What a whirlwind of inspiration, creativity, and super-stardom! I come from the land of Academia, and plunked myself into the […]

May 13

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups  By: Meg Humphrey The GeekWire Awards celebrate startups and the people brave enough to take the risk to make them happen. In my mind, I am not especially qualified to be the one sent to the 2013 GeekWire Awards for Have You Nerd. […]