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January 06

Nerd Year’s Resolutions 2014

Nerd Year’s Resolutions 2014 By: Meg Humphrey I read an interesting blurb on tumblr about why New Year’s Resolutions are detrimental to people (I think it was on Wil Wheaton’s tumblr). The gist was that people make these vague life improving decisions (“save more money,” “lose weight,” “change careers”), but because they’re unspecific people fail […]

January 23

FITBLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge

FITBLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge By: Meg Humphrey Tumblr is a giant mass of anything and everything you ever imagined. Outside of cute animal pictures (Daily Otter, anyone?), my favorite web artists, and pictures of amazing food and fashion, I have found that Tumblr is a hive of healthy inspirations. Starting on January 15th, Tumblr users […]