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June 10

The Doctor’s Newest Companion: Mary Sue

The Doctor’s Newest Companion: Mary Sue By: Brit McGinnis CAUTION: Contains major spoilers, including those from past episodes.   Like many Doctor Who fans, I was extremely impressed by “The Name of the Doctor.” It wrapped up the Impossible Girl plot very neatly, and had plenty of action and new monsters to delight. The return […]

May 24

Doing Werewolves Right: Netflix’s Hemlock Grove

Doing Werewolves Right: Netflix’s Hemlock Grove  By: Meg Humphrey Curse you Netflix and your original series! Of course I’m excited for Arrested Development to come back, but I didn’t bat an eyelash when the exclusive series House of Cards popped up. While browsing for something to throw on in the background while sewing one early […]

April 22

Bob’s Burgers: The Underappreciated American Family

Bob’s Burgers: The Underappreciated American Family By: Terra Clarke Olsen I’ve never been an avid TV viewer.  I like to think I have discerning taste (or maybe I’m just picky).  But when I do find a show that I think is worth following, I tend to be its biggest cheerleader. Granted, my access to available […]

March 11

Healthy Nerd: Couch Potato No More

Healthy Nerd: Couch Potato No More By: Andrea Cole Have you ever done a marathon of your favorite TV show only to be told, by a person or the streaming service of your choice, that you’ve been watching for a while and maybe it’s time for a break? This is often their way of saying […]

January 07

WTF Did I Just Watch? American Horror Story

WTF Did I Just Watch? American Horror Story Season 1 By:  Meg Humphrey Neither my boyfriend nor I have TV, so when Netflix started streaming American Horror Story, I was pretty excited. I heard some of the ladies talking about it at work and being a murder/gore whore I figured it was right up my […]