Press & Appearances

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Terra interviewed for Ares Magazine, Issue #5; Roundtable: Female Perspectives on Gaming & Geekery 

Meg featured on Fangrrrls 

Meg featured on The Unicorn Files

Terra interviewed on Geek Mom Mashup

Meg’s threads featured on GeekGirlCon

Terra interviewed for Daily Bruin (her alma mater)

Terra interviewed on Long Story Short

Meg quoted in “The Geekly Report”

HYN featured in City Arts, 2012


Live & In-Person 

Terra moderated Q&A with Kimberly Brooks; GeekGirlCon, 2017

Terra moderated Q&A with Ashly Burch and Sarah Elmaleh; GeekGirlCon, 2016

Terra and Meg on “Geek Identity: Exploring What it Means to be a Geek in Today’s Society”; GeekGirlCon, 2014

Terra and Meg on “The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek, One Geek at a Time”; GeekGirlCon, 2014

Terra on “From Silver Age to Silver Screen: Superhero Cinematic Universes”; VikingCon, 2014

HYN Booth at VikingCon, 2014

Meg on “We’re Doomed: A Star Wars Panel”; Sakura-Con, 2014

Terra on “Geek in College: Is Your Campus Nerd-Friendly? Episode II!”; ACPA, 2014

Terra & Meg on “Creating Inclusiveness in the Geek Community”: HYN, at GeekGirlCon, 2013