About Meg & Terra

Terra Clarke Olsen – Founder & History Junkie 

tc hyn

Terra credits her family for instilling the geek in her. Family board game nights and Nintendo sessions with her father ignited Terra’s love for gaming. In addition, her family’s extensive comic collections created the false belief that every family must obsess over the Golden and Silver Ages. Terra’s other obsessions include Tolkien, Star Wars, Firefly, History, Cooking, and 1970’s Sci-Fi. She has happily converted her husband into a gamer as well and now he asks her to play MTG. In addition to writing for and managing Have You Nerd, Terra is also a board member at GeekGirlCon.

She has a BA in History from UCLA, and a MA in Medieval Studies from University of Toronto. Terra also enjoys painting, hiking/backpacking, crafting, and traveling. Follow her on twitter!

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Meg Humphrey – Co-Founder & Jedi Mastermeg hyn

Meg was never shy about her nerdiness. She was re-enacting the entirety of the original Star Wars trilogy with her Popple plushes for as long as she can remember. At the tender age of 11 she started participating in the anime convention scene (when you had to know someone who knew someone who knew someone who did the fansubbing and could copy you VHS tapes for the newest episodes of Rurouni Kenshin and Ranma 1/2) and it snowballed pretty much out of control from there. Meg can’t get enough of Star Wars, cephalopods, Captain America, Disney, Kirby, TV crime shows, Stargate, baking, pictures of otters holding hands, and shoujo manga.

Meg has a BA in Sociology focusing on law and criminology from the University of Washington. She is the Panels Coordinator for Sakura-con, on staff at GeekGirlCon, and runs panels at various conventions around the Northwest. She has also recently has started selling home-made clothing and accessories online and at conventions. Check out her goods on etsy! To get to know way too much about Meg follow her on twitter or on tumblr!

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Other Contributors 


Brianna Noll

Brianna Noll is a PhD candidate in the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also the the Poetry Editor of The Account (Facebook here). Recent poetry and prose can be found here and here. Her interests include poetry (of course), magical realism, the fantastic, Japanese language and art, anime, Harry Potter, and puppies.


Virginia Eader 

Virginia spent many, many evenings watching Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager with her dad.  One of her greatest nerd moments was when she had to put bandaids on her thumbs in order to beat Donkey Kong Country before the rental was due back. Virginia has her Master in Social Work degree from University of Washington and currently works in the Youth Development and Education field supporting programs that support young people across the state. In her spare time she enjoys thrifting more than anything else in the world.


LB Chambers

Lindsay Belle Chambers (aka LB)  is an aspiring children’s book author and illustrator from Anchorage, AK who lives in Seattle with her husband and pup, Little Bear. When not forging her own professional path, LB enjoys gaming, crocheting, refurnishing free furniture, and running. Favorite things of LB’s are anything by Bioware and Valve, Craig Thompson books, Edward Gorey stories, Beauty and the Beast collectibles, Hercule Poirot with David Suchet, hot chais and cold rain. To read more of LB’s articles (from her journalism days) check out her blog, and to see her series of children’s books The Jungle of Rawr visit her website or buy them on Amazon!


Katie Neely


Katie’s inner nerd was passed down from her father. They spent many nights together watching Star Trek and Mystery Science Theater. Her destiny as a geeky crafter started at an early age with boxed jewelry-making kits and pony bead keychains and has continued ever since. Katie started knitting about three years ago and now specializes in items such as Spock hats and Raccoon scarves. Katie works in Property Management, and crafts in her spare time. Make sure to check out her etsy account and *like* her facebook page She’sCrafty!


Raquel Lee

Raquel, a lifestyle expert and event planner, is a self-proclaimed word nerd and pop culture junkie. She’s a force to be reckoned with at Catch Phrase and Trivial Pursuit and can’t help but edit everything she reads. Early signs of nerdiness include staying up late to read way past her bedtime and a fervent wish to have braces and glasses as fashion accessories. Raquel’s natural sense of style has since evolved (although she is on a secret mission to bring back the fanny pack), but she continues to read when she should be doing other things. Raquel has a BA in Public Relations from USC. Follow her on twitter!


Andrea Cole

Andrea considers herself to be a Renaissance nerd. Her love of technology lead her to a career in social media as a community manager with Wizards of the Coast for Kaijudo. Her avid love of Disney paved the way towards her undergraduate thesis on the cultural interplay of Tokyo Disneyland and McDonald’s in Japan. Andrea lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and kitty, Nyota. You’ll often find her sewing, devouring a historical mystery novel, developing a new recipe, or planning her next big trip. She holds a BA in Asian Studies from Occidental College and an MBA in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Follow her on Twitter!


Brit McGinnis

Brit McGinnis’ nerdiness emerged very young, mostly centering around The Princess Bride and The Lord of the Rings. It re-manifested in many other forms, but currently she is obsessed with Firefly and beating the Elite Four on Pokemon Crystal.  She became famous in her college town for writing the only negative review of a local play (prompting a call of protest from the director). Brit has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oregon. In her spare time, she writes a weekly erotica e-book series titled TIDBITS. Brit also has a day job as a social media consultant. Check out her blog Happily Cynical, find her on Facebook.