Adorable Artist Spotlight: The Gorgonist

By: Meg Humphrey


The Gorgonist, AKA Robin Kaplan, has been one of those artists I always look forward to seeing at conventions. I have many of her pieces hanging up in my apartment and it’s great to see what new art she has added since I saw her last.




Her original artwork is always breathtaking. Sometimes she does illustrations of beloved tales like The Little Mermaid or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Her color palettes are beautiful – hovering between pastel and bold. The coloring match each piece’s tone and mood perfectly.




Robin’s fanart is also top notch. She has art from fandom staples like Sailor Moon, Star Trek, and Doctor Who; as well as pieces from less popular, but no less loved stories like Beetlejuice and Ranma 1/2.




She also does the illustrations for the webcomic Ushala at World’s End . There are just over 100 pages so far, so start now and you can easily catch up!




You can check out her official website HERE . You can buy some of her amazing art at her Etsy store HERE . Follow her on Tumblr or Twitter .