5 Fandom Friday: Star Wars was My Gateway Drug

By: Meg Humphrey


The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick have created “5 Fandom Friday” to help bloggers get through the busy Autumn season by supplying us with with weekly topics that let us explore our fanoms with our readers. This first Friday’s theme is “Gateway Fandoms that Made Me Who I am Today” and boy, do I have some  feelings about my first fandoms as they are still very strong with me today.

FFF WEEK 1 - 1

Star Wars. Always and forever will Star Wars be my first love. It inspired me as a child and continues to fill me with passion and give me a community to call home.

FFF WEEK 1 - 2

Anime. I was a Grade A weeaboo between the ages of 10 and 17. This is also when anime went from VHS fansubs started picking up and turned into a golden age of quality shows and commercial availability. It’s thanks to anime that I’m involved in conventions, have some of my closest friends, and learned to sew.

FFF WEEK 1 - 3

Predator. Predator came out the year I was born and I don’t think my pa wasted any time in showing it to me as soon as I could sit through full length movies. I still have a (kind of strange) infatuation with Predators to this day. I believe that movie is what made the lasting impact of action, creature feature, and horror movies on me. And all the biceps? Could be why I’m such a bro today.

FFF WEEK 1 - 4

Carebears. As I was livetweeting Care Bears the Movie II last week (it was epic), I realized how much of the values those lovable bears and their cousins instilled in me. Their positivity, their determination, and dedication to being kind may be aimed at four year olds, but it’s something that we need to remember as adults.

FFF WEEK 1 - 5

Chip and Dale.
Growing up my sister and I both loved Chip and Dale. We’d never miss a rerun of Rescue Rangers if we could help it! My sister would get Chip stuffed animals and I would always get Dale (for I’m the goofy one who always wants to eat). I still collect them and I think they’ll always be the most precious thing Disney has ever given me.