5 Fandom Friday: Crossovers I Needed Yesterday

By: Meg Humphrey

Like all fangirls growing up, I have often thought of what would happen if so-and-so ended up in this-and-that show and what drama would ensue. Growing older, my crossover ideas have gotten a little less romantic, but no less obsessive! Here are my favorite from past and present.


Alien vs. Predator vs. Riddick. I could stop the list right here. Or I could fill the entire list with Predator or Riddick crossovers. This is my favorite because 1) I LOVE VIN DIESEL and 2) I LOVE PREDATOR. Ignoring the AVP movies, this crossover could actually work. The AVP books and comics take place in space in some sort of distant future. The Riddick movies also have a non specific timeline that could definitely work within the AVP universe. Who doesn’t want to see a Predator team up with Vin Diesel (maybe in some borrowed Predator garb) to kick some xenomorph booty?


Fast & Furious meets the A-Team. The A-Team movie in 2009 is one of my favorite movies. The recasting was superb and the movie left it wide open for the foursome to have many adventures in modern times. What’s my other favorite renegade team of do-gooders? Why, the ensemble from the Fast & Furious movies, of course! The team up would also bring a refreshing diversity to the A-Team make up.


Cooking Mama mixed with Star Wars. I don’t play that many video games, but the ones I do I’m a die hard fan for. I own every Cooking/Camping/Gardening Mama game and I would love to see a spin-off game involving Star Wars (or maybe another geeky thing like Lord of the Rings). Imagining helping Aunt Beru fix up some dewback steak and topatoes? I would gold medal every single item.


Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume & Kisu Yori mo Hayaku. 3rd Street Happiness Cafe and Faster than a Kiss are my two favorite manga. The main character in each one want to become a teacher, so wouldn’t it be great if Uru and Kaji went to university together to study? They’re both shy and slow when it comes to romance and at the end of each series end up in a long-distance relationships (Uru’s Shindou went to France to study pastry and Kaji’s Kazuma was reassigned to teach on a small island). They would have plenty to talk about and I think they would become fast friends.


Pacific Rim teams up with Godzilla. Pacific Rim already has strong Japanese themes, so it would be easy to incorporate the famous Goji-chan. Godzilla may be a kaiju in the traditional sense, but I can imagine him helping out the jaegers in order to defend the Earth.

What are your fandoms you’d like to see mix it up with each other?