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July 31

Safety First

Safety First By: LB Chambers For some reason I always completely forget about things until some sort of situation causes me to drop everything and remember something very basic and simple (that I’m sure most folks have no problem keeping on the back burner at all times). Today I’m talking about safety, and walking the […]

June 28

Woman in Horror- A Dichotomy

Woman in Horror- A Dichotomy By: LB Chambers I am a big horror fan. Let me clarify. I am a big horror (anything that isn’t torture porn or slasher) film fan. Which I realize makes me a non-horror fan to many people, but I digress. I read and watch a lot of horror films, and have throughout […]

June 14

Why Game?

Why Game? By: LB Chambers For those of you who haven’t ever read anything of mine (which is probably all of you, other than my brother and mom) I usually write about games, and gaming, and why it’s an often-overlooked area of interest. In fact, gaming is so stigmatized it’s generally considered a waste of […]

June 12

Have You Nerd Nominated for Geekie Award

Have You Nerd Nominated for Geekie Award After months of anticipation, The Geekie Awards finally announced the nominees for their first annual awards show! Wait, what are The Geekie Awards? Excellent question! The Geekie Awards is a new award show that “celebrates indie creations” in a wide span of categories, such as film, podcasts, comics, […]

May 29

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit: Who Am I? Who Are You?

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit: Who Am I? Who Are You? By: LB Chambers I was touring the EMP’s newest Fantasy exhibit this last weekend when I had a moment that made me question my entire identity as a fantasy nerd. We (my fiancé and I) toured the exhibit, alternating between obsessively studying the original fantasy drafts […]

May 10

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better?

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better? By: LB Chambers Here is the first of a new article series I will be experimenting with. One where I really, really want to hear from our readers! From you! So please before you read any further know that you are highly encouraged to Tweet, Facebook, or respond here […]

April 11

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts By: LB Chambers As a big fan of Irrational Games’ Bioshock trilogy (that’s right- I even enjoyed the shamefully reviewed Bioshock 2) I’m sure you can imagine the sort of excitable frenzy Bioshock Infinite’s seemingly endless advertisements, countdowns and trailers were whipping me into over the last couple of years.  […]