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January 17

Have You Nerd Update

Hello readers! Have You Nerd is no longer publishing pieces for the foreseeable feature. However, we will keep the site live so you can still enjoy all the wonderful content on here! You can still follow Terra and Meg on Twitter. This post has been overdue for quite some time, so apologies for the delay, […]

July 12

Son of Geek

By: Terra Clarke Olsen [This article originally appeared in Seattle Weekly.] I wrote this article ages ago (…okay, not ages, but it feels like a lifetime ago), but sadly, I still find it relevant. Far too often, really. I wanted to share it on my blog with those who have been on this geektastic journey […]

June 15

Featured Kickstarter: The Unicorn Files Photo Book

By: TCO Warning, today’s Featured Kickstarter is totally self-promotion since it is my Kickstarter. ūüôā About a year¬†and a half ago, I started “The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek,” a project¬†that highlights different geeky women in the community. And today, I’m launching a Kickstarter in the hopes of raising the funds […]

June 08

Seattle Geeks Speak Up: Black Widow Flash Mob #WeWantWidow

By: TCO On¬†June 6th, fan across the world¬†coordinated a huge flash mob sending a simple message: We Want Widow. Since the success of the Avengers,¬†fans have noticed a distinct¬†lack of Black Widow¬†merchandise. (There is even a Tumblr addressing the sheer volume of missing Black Widow merch.) One¬†geek blogger, Kristin Rielly, decided that it was time […]

June 01

MIT‚Äôs Origami Robot: Cutest Breakthrough Ever

By: TCO Well, they did it. MIT¬†created the cutest robot ever. But this robot is not just adorable, but functional beyond imagination.¬†It’s development is a¬†breakthrough that will change the science¬†world as we know it. This little robot can fold, move, swim, push, dig, and then dissolve! The robots are made out of sheets of plastic […]

May 22

Dresses Rule Everything Around Me: DREAM

By: TCO It’s finally starting to warm up enough in the Northwest to justify a dress shopping spree. Normally I don’t promote clothing from just one brand, but I was inspired by one of my favorite online retailers this morning when I saw this ad pop up on Facebook: This is by far the most […]

March 20

Featured Kickstarter: buddingSTEM, a Clothing Line for Geeky Girls

By:TCO While shopping for gifts for my friend’s soon to be born daughter, I was annoyed at the array of princess outfits but lack of things I know my friend would actually like. (Namely I was looking for anything and everything pirate since she¬†and her husband are essentially pirates…besides the whole stealing from people thing. […]