Seattle Geeks Speak Up: Black Widow Flash Mob #WeWantWidow


On June 6th, fan across the world coordinated a huge flash mob sending a simple message: We Want Widow.

#WeWantWidow Seattle black and white

Since the success of the Avengers, fans have noticed a distinct lack of Black Widow merchandise. (There is even a Tumblr addressing the sheer volume of missing Black Widow merch.) One geek blogger, Kristin Rielly, decided that it was time to take action and coordinated this worldwide flash mob. Dressed in Widow cosplay, participants gathered to have their voices heard, declaring “#WeWantWidow”.

Seattle was just one of the many cities participating in the secret flash mob and was led by its own Ink-Stained Amazon, Jennifer K. Stuller. Stuller told The Marry Sue: “We’ve reached a point where gathering publicly isn’t necessarily enough to amplify our voices,” she says. “Social media, and particularly hashtag campaigns and memes (that utilize image and text combinations) really do have a cultural impact – and sometimes a political one.”

Hopefully with more fans voicing their opinions, executives will take notice and give them what they want: More Widow!

*All photos were provided by Jennifer K. Stuller.