Featured Kickstarter: The Unicorn Files Photo Book


Warning, today’s Featured Kickstarter is totally self-promotion since it is my Kickstarter. 🙂

The Unicorn Files Kickstarter

About a year and a half ago, I started “The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek,” a project that highlights different geeky women in the community. And today, I’m launching a Kickstarter in the hopes of raising the funds to turn this project into a photo book.

For the past year, Nate Watters (good friend and my son’s godfather) and I have been photographing geeky women in their homes, creating a collection of beautiful photos, each as unique as the individual. Originally we wanted to create a photo exhibit, but then we realized that these photos and women’s stories should be shared with the rest of the community on larger scale! So we’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter in the hopes that we can self-publish a book.

Essie Charm

Essie quote

The Unicorn Files aims to capture the diverse body of female geeks by featuring individual geeky women, giving women in the community a chance to tell their story. We aimed to capture a wide selection of women, from fans to people in the industry (such as Kelly Sue DeConnick). The photos represent them and what they love. Each woman and how she are shot is different (some women have a lot of geek memorabilia while others have none), but the one common theme being that the photos are taken in their home (a safe space that is reflective of them). Each participant will have a bio and quote accompany their photo. In addition to the photographs, the book would also contain a location of short stories and essays from women in the community.

We’re really proud of the photos and stories we’ve collected (hopefully this is volume 1!), so please consider donating to our Kickstarter and help make this dream a reality! And please share the Kickstarter and follow us on Twitter to help us get the word out.

Naarah McDonald dress and crown

Side note: We are still accepting essays and stories from women. If you want to submit your story for review, please email me at terra(at)haveyounerd(dot)com. I will send you the submissions form. 🙂