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June 08

Seattle Geeks Speak Up: Black Widow Flash Mob #WeWantWidow

By: TCO On June 6th, fan across the world coordinated a huge flash mob sending a simple message: We Want Widow. Since the success of the Avengers, fans have noticed a distinct lack of Black Widow merchandise. (There is even a Tumblr addressing the sheer volume of missing Black Widow merch.) One geek blogger, Kristin Rielly, decided that it was time […]

July 16

Marvel: Champion of Change

By: Terra Clarke Olsen I’ve been a frustrated lady geek the past few weeks. From women being barred from competing in Hearthstone to the artist of Wonder Woman declaring he doesn’t want her to be a feminist, it’s been a harsh reminder that the geek culture has a long way to go. But yesterday brought […]

April 16

The Winter Soldier (2)

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Leaving the theatre after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was high and excited. I would have described the movie in one word: AWESOME. No really, I left the theatre feeling inspired and awe struck. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize it was going […]

March 24

ECCC Happenings: I Heart Comic Art

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Emerald City Comicon is just a few short days away, and this year is looking to be better than ever. But it’s not just the con that’s adding to the “must see” list, rather there are plenty of events happening all over the city in relation to the con (and many don’t […]

January 09

Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour

Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour By: Terra Clarke Olsen West coast people, if you’re looking to experience some amazing nerdcore then get your tickets to the Group Therapy Tour, featuring Schaffer the Darklord and Adam Warrock, with special guest Tribe One. What’s that you say? Not sure what Nerdcore is? Well, my geeky friend, it is […]

November 20

The Face Behind the Mask

The Face Behind the Mask: Marvel’s Miles Morales By: Terra Clarke Olsen  When you think of a superhero, who do you think of? I’m guess that one of these characters (if not all) came to your mind: Batman, Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Wolverine. These characters are some of the most […]

July 03

O Captain! My Captain!: My Patriotic Confession

O Captain! My Captain!: My Patriotic Confession  By: Terra Clarke Olsen Independence Day is fast approaching…as in, tomorrow…and I’m all in a frenzy. I’m already counting down the moments until fireworks. This year is going to be particularly special because I’m attending my first 4th of July rodeo. In Montana. That’s right, I am going […]

November 14

The Real Issues: A Response to Tony Harris

The Real Issues: A Response to Tony Harris’ Facebook Rant By: Terra Olsen   The Internet has been abuzz with Tony Harris’ offensive facebook post from Monday. For those of you who are not aware what I’m talking about, I have posted a screen shot of his post below. For those of you who don’t […]