Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour

Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

West coast people, if you’re looking to experience some amazing nerdcore then get your tickets to the Group Therapy Tour, featuring Schaffer the Darklord and Adam Warrock, with special guest Tribe One. What’s that you say? Not sure what Nerdcore is? Well, my geeky friend, it is time you learn about this ever growing scene!

Nerdcore is hip hop but with a geeky theme. The lyrics convey stories spun just for nerds, covering a broad spectrum of geeky material that can vary from long nights of gaming to the golden age of comic books.

For just a small taste, check out this video by Adam Warrock titled “B.S.F.X.” (Batman Sound Effects).

Adam Warrock speaks to the comic book nerd in me, and I can’t help but be an advocate for something crafted so thoughtfully. The music is good, but it is also fun and relatable. If you want more, please check out all the artists’ websites listed below. 

The Group Therapy tour kicks off in Seattle TONIGHT at the Lo-Fi, so get your tickets now if you’re looking for something geektastic to do (plus, they’re only $10 – a smoking deal!). If you’re not in Seattle, check your local listings to find tickets (dates below). 


More of the artists:

schaffer the dark lord photo

Schaffer the Darklord; Twitter @markschaffer

adam warrock photo

Adam Warrock ; Twitter @eugewarrock 

tribe one photo

Tribe One ; Twitter @TribeOneWon

Please feel free to share other nerdcore artists that you love in the comments!