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August 19

By: Meg Humphrey Have You Nerd had the incredible honor of receiving the “Most Unique Website Content” award from the inaugural year of the Geekie Awards in 2013. This year, the Geekies are mixing it up and  giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites in each category! Here are my picks. Art: Jackie […]

January 23

5 Fandom Friday: Songs that Have Changed My Life

By: Meg Humphrey   While my music tastes aren’t very wide (I tend to listen to the same stuff over and over and I don’t particularly like to try new things), I do love it very much. Here are five songs (how can anyone pick just five?!) that have had major impact in my life. […]

November 24

Beyoncé – 7/11

By: TCO Queen Bey has done it again with her newest music video release, 7/11. I normally don’t post videos for the sake of videos, but this one has to be shared. The music = Perfection. Her dancing = Perfection. The video = PERFECTION. Released along with the Platinum Edition of her self titled album […]

August 27

Music to (not) Sleep to: Question Bedtime

By: Meg Humphrey   I’m a huge sucker for fairy tales of all kinds. One of the best things about fairy tales and legends is that they can be retold and expressed in so many different versions, but still retain their meaning. When I saw that MC Frontalot’s latest album, Question Bedtime, is all about […]

July 18

The Other Dynamic Duo: Danny Elfman and Tim Burton

By: Meg Humphrey   I don’t go to many concerts so I always forget how much I enjoy listening to live music. I had the chance to experience a wonderful night at the Seattle Symphony and the music of Danny Elfman for Tim Burton films. This was my second night at Benaroya Hall, the first […]

March 07

Space Travel Humanity

Finding Humanity in my Art through Space Travel By: Aradia To boldly go—ever since childhood, that’s what I wanted to do: see the outer reaches of space. Music was always just as much of a focus for me, and with those competing interests, one had to win out. But I never lost my fascination with […]

January 22

Long Live Queen B

Long Live Queen B By: Terra Clarke Olsen Let it be known that I love Beyoncé. She. Is. AMAZING. Seriously, even if you don’t like pop or R&B, you can’t deny the kick-ass nature that is Beyoncé, aka Queen B. She inspires and empowers women and girls all over the world. She is unapologetic about being […]

January 09

Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour

Group Therapy, Nerdcore Tour By: Terra Clarke Olsen West coast people, if you’re looking to experience some amazing nerdcore then get your tickets to the Group Therapy Tour, featuring Schaffer the Darklord and Adam Warrock, with special guest Tribe One. What’s that you say? Not sure what Nerdcore is? Well, my geeky friend, it is […]

September 30

Kathleen Hanna & the (R)Evolution of Riot Grrrl

Kathleen Hanna & the (R)Evolution of Riot Grrrl By: Jen Richards I first heard Kathleen Hanna’s piercing voice when I was sixteen years old, and it has been effecting me ever since. Her first band, Bikini Kill was at the forefront of the Riot Grrrl scene that exploded here in the Northwest, DC and spread […]

August 16

The Filk is Strong in This One

The Filk is Strong in This One: Fan Made Favorites By: Meg Humphrey To commemorate the purchasing of my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 tickets (Jedi Knight VIP passes, baby!), I thought I’d share my top six fan made Star Wars songs. You may have heard some of them before (a few have been around […]

August 02

How to Lead a Fly Life

How to Lead a Fly Life: Words of Wisdom from Will Smith  By: Meg Humphrey We all know that going to YouTube and searching “Will Smith _______” will lead to a bevy of classic interviews on staying focused, motivated, and true to yourself. But let’s not overlook the pearls of wisdom that Will has mixed […]

July 17

NKOTB Still has the Right Stuff

NKOTB Still has the Right Stuff By Meg Humphrey I’ve been a fan of New Kids on the Block since I could comprehend music. No really, almost every picture of me as a 3-7 year old I’m wearing a NKOTB t-shirt (I had several). Although the Blockhead in me had ebbed for a while, by […]