Beyoncé – 7/11


Queen Bey has done it again with her newest music video release, 7/11. I normally don’t post videos for the sake of videos, but this one has to be shared.

The music = Perfection.

Her dancing = Perfection.

The video = PERFECTION.

Released along with the Platinum Edition of her self titled album Beyoncé, the 7/11 video brings us full circle to December of 2013. Back in December, she released what many have noted to be her most personal and raw material to date, and the 7/11 video is no different, showing a self-assured Beyoncé having a good time performing with the perfect amount of imperfection.* In the video, Beyoncé and her dance crew playfully unwind in a hotel with lots of derrière shaking, further adding to what many have declared as the year of the booty. But enough blabber, just watch it.


And now I want underwear that say “Smack it” ….



*Yes those “imperfect” moments were carefully selected, but she’s an entertainer so that’s to be expected.