Music to (not) Sleep to: Question Bedtime

By: Meg Humphrey


I’m a huge sucker for fairy tales of all kinds. One of the best things about fairy tales and legends is that they can be retold and expressed in so many different versions, but still retain their meaning. When I saw that MC Frontalot’s latest album, Question Bedtime, is all about bedtime stories and fairy tales I knew I was going to like it. I’ve listened through the entire CD a couple times and I love it! He draws inspiration from well known stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears as well as obscure tales like the Wakjakaga. All of the tracks capture the clever, fantastical, yet mysterious and dark feelings that makes fairy tales so interesting and eternal. All of the tracks are also family friendly content (no swearing, nothing more extreme than anything the Brothers Grimm penned), so it’s something you can share with your little geeks as well. Question Bedtime just dropped on the August 26, so it’s available for all to enjoy!




If you’ve never heard of MC Frontalot (AKA Damian Hess), he’s a nerdcore artist from Brooklyn. He’s been releasing music since 1999 and with the release of Question Bedtime, has produced six studio albums. For those who are new to “nerdcore” it’s a rap/hip-hop subgenre based on all kinds of nerdy things like video games, comics, fandom, and other elements of pop culture. It’s been steadily gaining steam over the past decade with well known names like mc chris and Mega Ran, as well as up and coming acts like Sammus and Death*Star.

If you’re looking for some smart, excellently crafted lyrics and rad beats, check out MC Frontalot’s website to learn more about him and his work as well as listen to samples of his music. He’ll be here in Seattle over Labor Day Weekend and you can see him perform at El Corazon on September 1 (All Ages, $8 pre-sale, $10 at-the-door). If you’re attending Penny Arcade Expo, he’ll be at the PAX concert on Sunday at the Paramount. They are sure to be fun shows!