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January 26

When Witches, Ghosts, and Wolves Appear: Into the Woods Review

By: Meg Humphrey   Let me preface this review by saying that Into the Woods is one of my absolute favorite musicals. I saw it on stage during my first year in college and haven’t gotten enough since then. I know all of the songs by heart and the lessons it teaches are ingrained in […]

December 22

5 Joys of the 5 Armies

By: Meg Humphrey   While watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, I kept thinking that Peter Jackson let more of his earlier film history influence him. There were more kitschy moments in this last installment of Middle Earth than the other five movies combined. This isn’t a complaint, in fact, I think […]

August 27

Music to (not) Sleep to: Question Bedtime

By: Meg Humphrey   I’m a huge sucker for fairy tales of all kinds. One of the best things about fairy tales and legends is that they can be retold and expressed in so many different versions, but still retain their meaning. When I saw that MC Frontalot’s latest album, Question Bedtime, is all about […]

August 11

Giggling in the Galaxy

By: Meg Humphrey   Like much of the nerd community, I was eagerly awaiting Guardians of the Galaxy. I even stayed up late to see a Thursday night showing (I am usually promptly in bed by 10:00pm). Thankfully the movie delivered beautifully and was completely worth the loss of sleep the next day!   This […]

July 09

One Wild Ride: Snowpiercer

By: Meg Humphrey Spoiler Free! Korean director Bong Joon Ho has already carved a name for himself for niche American audiences with hits like Mother and The Host. Snowpiercer is his English language debut that fans have been dying to see since it was completed and released internationally in 2013. Based on the French graphic […]

June 23

Looking Fly: How to Train Your Dragon 2

By: Meg Humphrey Warning: minor spoilers ahead (not plot, but character details)   A better title to this movie would be “How to Make Grown Adults Cry 2.” Thankfully, I am an expert at wiping away tears underneath two pairs of glasses, so the level of emotional outpouring was welcomed.   Let me be honest […]

May 21

Return of the Kaiju King

By: Meg Humphrey Heads up: SPOILERS!! Because this is a fairly simple movie, there’s really no way to talk about it without going over the entire story. I grew up watching monster movies like Godzilla with my dad. He would help me build tissue and cereal box towns in the living room for me to […]

January 08

Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit

Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit  By: Terra Clarke Olsen Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty late to the party on this one. Frozen was released nationwide November 27th, but strangely I didn’t go running to the theatre. When I first heard Disney was making Frozen, I was completely thrilled. But then I saw the preview. This […]

September 13

My! What a Big Pull Box You Have!

My! What a Big Pull Box You Have! Take 1 By: Sabrina Taylor Welcome to the first edition of – “My! What a Big Pull Box You Have!”  My run down of what I’m looking forward to in my own pull box at my local comic book shop.  I also plan to include any rants and raves I […]

June 17

BANG! An Amazing Card Game

BANG! An Amazing Card Game By: Virginia Eader I recently visited some old friends in Berkley, California. Not just any old friends but two of my most beloved nerdy guy friends (one of whom I’ve known since the age of 4 and the other since middle school. The 3 of us made up a large […]

November 13

I’m a Singin’ Pirate: Portland’s Premier Pirate Rock Band

I’m a Singin’ Pirate: Portland’s Premier Pirate Rock Band By: Meg Humphrey I sure do love sea shanties a ridiculous amount. I got my first taste of them as a child thanks to “Whale of a Tale” from Disney’s 20,000 Under the Sea and from checking out a CD from the local library that included […]