Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit

Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit

 By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty late to the party on this one. Frozen was released nationwide November 27th, but strangely I didn’t go running to the theatre. When I first heard Disney was making Frozen, I was completely thrilled. But then I saw the preview. This preview:

After watching it, I was disappointed and decided I would wait to see this one via video rental. The preview was just awful. All I gathered was that there is a lot of snow and a weird looking snowman that talks a lot and loves his nose. Yeaah, that was it. But then my social media feed exploded about this movie saying how it was brilliant. So I decided, why not? (Plus I had a coupon.)

So I sat down at my local theatre in Ballard (which is fitting since it’s historically a Norwegian neighborhood), optimistic but not expecting a lot. Oh geez, I had no idea what I was in for…an emotional roller-coaster accompanied by perky musical numbers. I laughed, I cried–it was wonderful.

Oaken gif

Without giving too much away (no spoilers), the plot was quite beautiful. The films tells the story of Elsa and her younger sister Anna. Elsa has magical powers, allowing her to create snow and ice. She finds herself in trouble and Anna braves the wilderness to save her.


I appreciate that the film shows the bound between sisters and their unconditional love, rather than having a plot that surrounds around a romantic relationship (although there is a bit of romance). And yes, the film passes the Bechdel test! Added bonuses: the snowman isn’t annoying (in fact he is pretty enduring), and the music is fantastic!


Preview: This song in particular tugged at my heartstrings.

So for those who haven’t seen it, GO! You won’t be disappointed.