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July 24

5 Fandom Friday: Pets I Would Adopt

By: Meg Humphrey Full disclosure: I’ve never owned a pet. I had a beta fish for a week, but I poor Ackbar hadn’t been around long enough to really consider him part of the family. I’m not sure what taking care of any of these “pets” would be like, but I’m willing to try! Rancor. […]

December 29

Big Heartwarming 6

By: Meg Humphrey   Big Hero 6 has been overlooked and underhyped. There are no princesses or power ballads, but it’s the best animated movie in several years and let me tell you why. Big Hero 6 is diverse. The main characters are a mix of ethnicities living in the city of San Fransokyo. In […]

July 02

Adorable Artist Spotlight: JJ Knight

By: Meg Humphrey   I was introduced to JJ Knight’s art thanks to Tumblr. JJ is a Dutch art school student who has a really open and friendly personality about her fandoms and about her art. I instantly became a fan of her style – it’s cute and a little super deformed, but can still […]

May 30

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Nicole Graham

By: Meg Humphrey Nicole Graham is an artist from the UK who is hoping to break into the game industry. What drew my attention toward her was her stunning line of Disney characters. She covers mostly the well known princesses, but also branches out to characters like Nala and even offers a Disney-fied Princess Leia […]

January 27

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar By: Meg Humphrey One of the newer rumors to hit the internet is the possibility of Pixar creating a Star Wars movie. As is the case with ALL Star Wars news (official or not), there has been a wide range of reactions to this news. Since Terra […]

January 08

Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit

Frozen, Disney’s Surprise Hit  By: Terra Clarke Olsen Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty late to the party on this one. Frozen was released nationwide November 27th, but strangely I didn’t go running to the theatre. When I first heard Disney was making Frozen, I was completely thrilled. But then I saw the preview. This […]

April 26

Nerd Guy of the Month

Meet Patrick, a Voice Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen Although you’re a nerd for many things (science, video games, etc), some people might be surprised to discover that you’re a voice nerd (that’s right, we’re coining a new term). How did you discover your love for singing and doing voices? Funny thing, I always wanted […]

February 01

Nerd of the Week

Meet Andrea, a Disney Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen You’re somewhat of a ‘Renaissance Nerd,’ but your love for Disney is pretty apparent. How did Disney first spark the nerd in you? I loved Disney A LOT as a kid. You could say obsessed. It was classic nerdery. I watched all the movies and cartoons, […]

January 03

Top Ten Movies to Watch When Sick

Top Ten Movies to Watch When Sick By Terra Olsen I have been sick the past few days, which for me is absolute insanity. I have never been good at lounging around and watching TV/movies. My friends and partner can attest to the fact that I’m not really a movie person. I realize this is […]

October 31

Going Somewhere Solo? Yes, Disneyland!

Going Somewhere Solo? Yes, Disneyland! By: Meg Humphrey First off I gotta say that I’m not shock nor appalled by Disney buying Lucasfilm (for dirt cheap!). They’ve been hand in hand for a while now so it’s not surprising that Disney took the plunge. Sure, I’m biased because I actually LIKE Disney magic, but I […]

October 30

Stop Over-analyzing: A Plea from a Disney Freak

Stop Over-analyzing: A Plea from a Disney Freak By: Meg Humphrey I watched Tangled for the first time with my boyfriend last weekend. Why had I waited so long?! Immediately after it was over I wanted to watch it again! And probably once more after that too. It was so hopeful and straightforward. My insides […]