Adorable Artist Spotlight: Nicole Graham

By: Meg Humphrey


Nicole Graham is an artist from the UK who is hoping to break into the game industry. What drew my attention toward her was her stunning line of Disney characters. She covers mostly the well known princesses, but also branches out to characters like Nala and even offers a Disney-fied Princess Leia piece. The attention to detail, color, and character personality is amazing.


She has several drawings of original characters throughout her body of fanart. Thanks to my little brother, I also recognized a lot of her Sly Cooper work. Her images are very sleek and captures the characters’ personalities well – I don’t remember the games well, but I instantly remembered what the characters were like when I saw her renderings. She has fanart of other video game characters, but my personal favorite is the sketch she made of Utada Hikaru.


You can find her on DeviantArt HERE . The one downside is that she doesn’t sell her art. I bet there are a ton of people out there who would live to buy some prints from her, including myself!