Featured Kickstarter: Starstuff Clothing

By: Meg Humphrey


In addition to being the final frontier, space is also the most beautiful one! Carl Sagan said that we are all made of starstuff, but now you can show it on the outside with Starstuff Clothing! The mission of Starstuff Clothing is to be awe inspiring and it takes actual astronomical photography to make its products.


In order to lower prices, move production in the USA, and offer a wider range of items, Starstuff Clothing founded a Kickstarter. They use a printing technical called sublimation in order to dye every thread of their clothing so the galaxy will never fade from your wardrobe! Not only are there t-shirts, but tank tops, socks, and even simple dresses!


Check out their Kickstarter if you are interested in taking home some of the galaxy with you! It closes on Friday, June 13th, so make sure you don’t delay too long. You can also go browse their website as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.