5 Fandom Friday: Pets I Would Adopt

By: Meg Humphrey

Full disclosure: I’ve never owned a pet. I had a beta fish for a week, but I poor Ackbar hadn’t been around long enough to really consider him part of the family. I’m not sure what taking care of any of these “pets” would be like, but I’m willing to try!

  1. Rancor. I know it’s made out to be a villain, but rancors are amazing! In the now Legends book Courtship of Princess Leia, you traveled to their homeworld of Dathomir where they were used more or less like horses – for farming, transportation, and defense. They are gentle giants who just need the right training! RANCOR
  2. Stitch. Although Stitch is a fully sentient being and as smart and clever as any human, he’s still technically a pet. He was allowed to stay on Earth because Lilo legally owns him. I think it would just be the most fun to spend time with him everyday and other wacky aliens! I will absolutely move to Hawaii to do it. STITCH
  3. Mokona. What can’t Makona do? He provides food and shelter, companionship, and helps the girls of Magic Knight Rayearth through their dangerous quests! Plus anything that looks like a bunny is good in my book. MOKONA
  4. Pufferpig. Pufferpigs showed up in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Idiot’s Array.” Not only did it feature the sauve Lando Calrissian, it was a lovely Hera centric episode (she’s my favorite)! Pufferpigs are adorable and my favorite new creature of the Star Wars canon. PUFFERPIG
  5. Pascal. Pascal is willing to model tiny dresses, stay cooped up in a tower for years, and will vette dudes who think they can impress you. Total best friend material! PASCAL