From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar

By: Meg Humphrey

One of the newer rumors to hit the internet is the possibility of Pixar creating a Star Wars movie. As is the case with ALL Star Wars news (official or not), there has been a wide range of reactions to this news. Since Terra so lovingly called me out on Twitter to weigh in my opinion and weigh in I shall! I’m an animation fan and I more or less knew that after the success of the Clone Wars and the hype surrounding upcoming Star Wars: Rebels that an animated feature was going to be on the table at some point. The difficulty comes from trying to figure out the plot of the movie. Since the current EU is up in the air (and will mostly get majorly chopped) and no plot points have been revealed for Episode VII, all speculation is coming from whatever people pull out of their fannies. But it’s fun to think about, so here we go!


What the movie would probably be:

Clone Wars or some other kind of war related. Maybe something tied in with Rebels (which takes place between Episodes III and IV). It could also be an accompaniment to the VII – IX trilogy. I feel like it will be more on the action-packed spectrum in order to “appeal to boys” because, let’s face it, buying up Marvel and Lucasfilm was the best way for Disney to win back their male audience after everything went princess crazy. The thing is, I can’t really see Pixar creating something like the Clone Wars – they’re more soft, cute, and hopeful. They know how to max out our feelings, so a Pixar movie that’s  focused on being battle packed and action heavy feels a little off to me.


What I think the movie should be:

Based on the Young Jedi Knights series by Kevin J. Anderson. I’m serious, the first 6 books could be easily compressed into a 90 minute movie. It doesn’t even have to follow it all that closely, but just have the plot outlined around Jaina and Jacen Solo and their first taste of Jedi Knighthood. I think it’s the right age for the audience as the Solo kids are around 14 and it can walk the fine line of action, comedy, and drama that Pixar movies like The Incredibles and Brave have done. I also think it has elements that would be nice to see in family films – sibling relationships, strong friendships (no romance), and protagonists with a disabilities.


My dream movie (that wouldn’t happen):

Ewoks obviously. I’d settle for any creature features, actually. I love all of the beasties in the Star Wars universe and Pixar has a great record of working with animals and inanimate objects. There are a ton of difference animals to choose from and I still hope for the day that my favorite story-within-a-story, The Little Lost Bantha Cub, is brought to life.

What would you like to see in an animated Star Wars movie? Leave a comment below!