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July 25

New Jedi Order: an Overview

By: Meg Humphrey   I recently finished my first read through of the New Jedi Order. New Jedi Order is a nineteen book long series within the Star Wars Legends Universe (formerly known as the Expanded Universe) that takes place between twenty-five and twenty-nine years after the Battle of Yavin. I had read the first […]

January 27

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar

From the Rumor Mill: Star Wars and Pixar By: Meg Humphrey One of the newer rumors to hit the internet is the possibility of Pixar creating a Star Wars movie. As is the case with ALL Star Wars news (official or not), there has been a wide range of reactions to this news. Since Terra […]

August 16

The Filk is Strong in This One

The Filk is Strong in This One: Fan Made Favorites By: Meg Humphrey To commemorate the purchasing of my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 tickets (Jedi Knight VIP passes, baby!), I thought I’d share my top six fan made Star Wars songs. You may have heard some of them before (a few have been around […]

December 17

Nerd Encounters of the Surprise Kind

Nerd Encounters of the Surprise Kind By: Meg Humphrey For me, the best thing about being part of the nerd/geek/whatever community is sharing what you love with other people. It’s why I staff and attend cons. It’s why I make clothes for others to buy. It’s why I write for this Blog. My boyfriend has […]