The Filk is Strong in This One

The Filk is Strong in This One:

Fan Made Favorites

By: Meg Humphrey

To commemorate the purchasing of my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 tickets (Jedi Knight VIP passes, baby!), I thought I’d share my top six fan made Star Wars songs. You may have heard some of them before (a few have been around for quite a while), but there may be a couple gems that you didn’t know existed!

1. “Star Wars Gangsta Rap” by Jason Brannon and Chris Crawford:

This may be the very first Star Wars filk I’ve heard and it’s also the one I most often start singing.

2. “Ewok Gospel” by Andrew Zilch featuring Billy Dee Williams:

This song is glorious and wonderful (even if I wasn’t a diehard ewok collector). Hopefully it’ll change some of those ewok hating minds.

3. “Fett’s Vette” by MC Chris:

In my opinion, the most badass SW filk out there. It’s on my jogging playlist for a good reason! (Warning: NSFW)

4. “The Star Wars Cantina” by Richard Cheese:

Who doesn’t love some good lounge music? It’s the added sound effects that really make it for me.

5. “The Ewok Celebration Song” by Crackerjack Junction:

I never miss a chance to see the Dapper Dans at Disneyland perform so a Barbershop Quartet version of “Yub Nub” is perfect! Celebrate the love, you guys.

6. “The Star Wars that I Used to Know” by Teddie Films:

There are a billion covers of this song out there, but I think this one captures fan feelings quite beautifully.

Bonus because the West Coast is the Best Coast:

My new life goal is to some day run in Course of the Force.

What are you favorite fan made songs? Leave a comment below!