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August 29

No Badge? No Problem. PAX Prime 2014 for Non-Attendees

By: TCO PAX Prime kicks off today with a schedule so full, it’s going to be hard for attendees to decide which things to prioritize. But what about the rest of us who couldn’t make it to PAX this year (including myself)? We might not be able to attend all the panels or walk the […]

August 27

Music to (not) Sleep to: Question Bedtime

By: Meg Humphrey   I’m a huge sucker for fairy tales of all kinds. One of the best things about fairy tales and legends is that they can be retold and expressed in so many different versions, but still retain their meaning. When I saw that MC Frontalot’s latest album, Question Bedtime, is all about […]

September 04

PAX Round Up

PAX Round Up By: Terra Clarke Olsen PAX took over Seattle this past weekend for four full days of video game fandom. There were more games than my brain can compute, so sadly I’m sure I missed many things, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I saw. Neverending Nightmares This […]

August 30

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink By: Terra Olsen PAX frenzy has hit the city, and with all that fandom comes fandom tattoos. Meg previously wrote a great piece on tattoos, “A Permanent Display of Fandom Affection”, but I wanted to highlight some great gaming tattoos in honor of this weekends shenanigans. Here are just a few […]

August 28

Interview with a PAX Ten-Timer

Interview with a PAX Ten-Timer, Tristan Stanley Interview by: Terra Clarke Olsen  I interviewed my co-worker, Tristan Stanley, for a Seattle Weekly PAX article (out today, so be sure to get your copy). I found the interview so touching that I wanted to post it here. How long have you been a gamer? TS: All my life. […]

October 15

Click Click CLICK! The Crowd Goes Wild!

 “Click, Click, CLICK! The Crowd Goes Wild” : eSports as a Casual Gamer By: Meg Humphrey   With Riot’s League of Legends World Finals finally at an end, I think it’s a good time to get up on my soap box about my little corner of eSports participation. At PAX Prime ’12 I was able […]