No Badge? No Problem. PAX Prime 2014 for Non-Attendees


PAX Prime kicks off today with a schedule so full, it’s going to be hard for attendees to decide which things to prioritize. But what about the rest of us who couldn’t make it to PAX this year (including myself)? We might not be able to attend all the panels or walk the showroom floor, but that doesn’t mean we have to be excluded from one of the biggest gaming events of the year.

Here are a few ways to participate in the fun even if you can’t make it in person:

Watch Acquisitions Inc., Live!

This hilarious Dungeons & Dragons theatrical show, presented by Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade, is a must-see for tabletop gamers (or those who enjoy a good show!). Players Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Morgan Webb must battle their way through certain doom created by Dungeon Master Chris Perkins. Good times are to be had.

Watch it live here on Saturday, August 30th at 8pm.

Or, if you can make it in person (you must have a PAX Prime badge), head to Benaroya Hall. Seating is first-come, first-served, do get there early.

Acquisitions Inc


PAX Live, Powered by Twitch

You can tune into the PAX Main Stage and Hedgehog Theatre panels, the LCS Summer Playoffs, game reveals, and more all through the PAX Prime Event Portal. To check out panels, head to either the Main Stage or the Hedgehog live streams (check out the schedules for Main Stage here and Hedgehog here). Interested in watching Riot’s League of Legends Championship Series? Head here to watch the drama unfold as only four teams remain: LMQ, Cloud9, Team Solomid, and Team Curse (tune in between 8/29-8/31 from 11am to 6pm PT). And of course, there is always the Twitch booth, which will be streaming tons of awesome stuff, like game reveals, interviews, gameplay, and more (tune in 8/29-9/1 from 10am to 7pm PT). Not satisfied? Check out PAX Live’s full schedule on their Event Portal to find what you’re looking for.

PAX Prime Live 2014

Humble Bundle is offering a PAX10 Humble Flash Bundle for a limited time! It includes Badlands, Solar 2, Jamestown, and more! You can pay what you want for the bundle, and if you pay more than the ridiculously low average price of $3.70, Humble Bundle will throw in Fez and The Swapper. Pretty sweet deal.

humble flash bundle pax

Steam is also offering a special bundle edition, the Indie MEGABOOTH Solid Gold Collection, featuring awesome indie games! Get The Stanley Parable, Monaco, Hotline Miami, and more for only $19.99. Not only will you be getting a collection of awesome games, but you’ll be supporting indie devs and Steam’s MEGABOOTH, so they can continue helping indie developers and their games. Really, it’s a win-win.

Indie MEGABOOTH steam solid cold collection sale


How are you participating in PAX this year? Let us know in the comments below!