Space Travel Humanity

Finding Humanity in my Art through Space Travel

By: Aradia

To boldly go—ever since childhood, that’s what I wanted to do: see the outer reaches of space. Music was always just as much of a focus for me, and with those competing interests, one had to win out. But I never lost my fascination with the unknown and the wonder of just wondering ‘what’s out there?’

Star Trek Enterprise NCC1

Over the years, I satisfied my preoccupation with space travel by reading books & articles on the topics of astronomy and physics, and by reading & watching sci-fi. I’ve been deeply dedicated to Star Trek since I was a kid, and to this day it’s one of my favorite outlets for curiosity. And Star Trek—especially TNG—asks the same kinds of questions I found myself asking over time:

What does it mean to be human?

What do we learn about ourselves when we’re encountered with the other-worldly?
What does it mean to be mature as a race, and as an individual?

The more I contemplated, read up on and talked about space travel, the more I found myself looking at the world as more of an observer, trying to understand who we are, how we got here, and whether or not we’re ready to encounter any other life out there – “intelligent” or not. Patterns rose to the surface—constants that are true whether we’re here or outside the galaxy, in the U.S. or Australia: people want their lives to matter; we want to be encouraged to have hope, and above all, we want to be loved.

My music became the outlet for the things I was thinking about and observing. The more I noticed about the world, the more songs I was inspired to write. And more and more, I found myself communicating similar messages: You’re not alone, there’s always someone out there who knows how you feel; what we do does matter, and we should never take for granted our impact on one another or on the world; hope is a choice—we have & will continue to go through seemingly insurmountable things as individuals & as a race, but we have to choose to keep our dreams big and our spirits high. After all, we haven’t come close to the final frontier. We’ve only just begun.

Seattle-based artist Aradia

Seattle-based artist Aradia

 About the Author: Aradia is a Seattle-based Electro Pop-Rock musician who is a longtime Sci Fi / Star Trek fan. You can check connect with Aradia on Twitter and  Facebook, and find her latest album Possibilities: Dark on iTunes.