Featured Kickstarter: buddingSTEM, a Clothing Line for Geeky Girls


While shopping for gifts for my friend’s soon to be born daughter, I was annoyed at the array of princess outfits but lack of things I know my friend would actually like. (Namely I was looking for anything and everything pirate since she and her husband are essentially pirates…besides the whole stealing from people thing. And the lack of eyes and/appendages.) It’s a familiar story I’ve heard from many people. So of course buddingSTEM, a clothing company that offers clothing for girls with dinosaurs and spaceships, appealed to me. I know my friend, and others, would love the awesome items that buddingSTEM offers for girls.


Founded by Seattleites Malorie Catchpole and Jennifer Muhm, buddingSTEM will make clothing (including dresses) that features fun things that celebrate space, science, and all the awesome stuff kids (and adults) love! (No pirates yet…but maybe in the future?!) The idea for buddingSTEM cam from their own experiences. On their Kickstarter page, they note:

In October 2013, Jennifer’s young daughter wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween — until she saw the costume catalogs that came in the mail. They only showed boys dressed for outer space. But after seeing photos of Sally Ride, Joan Higginbotham, and other female astronauts, she made a great astronaut for Halloween.

A few months later, Malorie’s daughter asked for train underpants. What she wanted could only be found in the boys’ section.

We decided if we couldn’t find what our girls wanted, we’d just have to make it ourselves! We’ve spent the past year establishing our business, creating designs, making samples, and setting up our production process and logistics.

For whatever reason, children clothing companies still go by old-fashion gender rules, separating “boy” things and “girl” things. Which is why we need more clothing companies like buddingSTEM to not only exist, but to be successful! Their success will help change the status quo. But to make their vision a reality, they need your help! Please checkout their Kickstarter and donate what you can.

buddingSTEM leggings

*Images and video via buddingSTEM Kickstarter