Gift Guide: Science and Math Nerds


Here are a few of our favorite geeky gifts for the science and math geeks in your life!


Gifts for Math Geeks


Math Glasses

Math glasses

$38; UncommonGoods 


Pi Scarf

Pi Scarf

$45; ThinkGeek


Math Mug

math mug

$13; PhilosophersGuild


Pi Basket 

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.04.23 PM



Pi Earrings

Pi Earrings math geek

$5; ThinkGeek


Gifts for Astronomy Geeks


Hubble Telescope Milky Way Scarf

Hubble Telescope Milky Way Scarf

$65; UncommonGoods


Shot Into Space Shot Glasses

Shot Into Space Shot Glasses

$11; Scientifics


Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Tote

glow in the dark moon tote

$20; Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store


Heat Changing Constellation Mug


constellation mug gif

$13; PhilosphersGuild


Planisphere Watch

Planisphere Watch astronomy geek gift

$100; Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co


Gifts for Earth Science Geeks


 Earth Science Glasses

Earth Science Glasses

$38; UncommonGoods


Crystal Growing Volcano Kit


$8; PerpetualKid


Heat Changing Climate Change Mug

Climate Change Mug

$12; PhilosophersGuild


Pedra Coasters


$68; RadLabs


Topography Necklace

Topography Map Boho Statement Necklace

$160; ThroughSanguineEyes on Etsy



Gifts for Chemistry Geeks


Periodic Table Cutting Board

Periodic Table Cutting Board

$65; ElysiumWoodworks on Etsy 


Laser Etched Beaker & Labware Earrings

Laser Etched Beaker Earrings

$16; KillerQueenJewelry on Etsy 


Serotonin Chemical Structure Pin (Sterling Silver) 

Serotonin Chemical Structure Pin

$70; PollyLinn on Etsy


Cocktail Chemistry Set

Cocktail Chemistry Set

$50; PerpetualKid 


Periodic Table of Elements Skirt

Periodic Table of Elements skirt - made to order

$45; NerdAlertCreations on Etsy


Gifts for Biology Geeks


Genetic Code Glasses

Genetic Code Glasses

$25; UncommonGoods 


Microbe Christmas Tree Ornaments 

Microbes ornaments

$25; GiantMicrobes


Histology Plates (Microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues)

Microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues plates

$63; Anatomy Boutique 


DNA Portrait (Personalized) 

DNA personalized portrait art

$199+; DNA11


Large Histology Silk Scarf – Scalp

Large Histology Silk Scarf - cell scarf

$282; Anatomy Boutique 


Gifts for Computer Science Geeks


HTML Beer Glasses

HTML Beer Glasses

$25; UncommonGoods 


Circuit Board Computer Tie 

Circuit board computer tie

$30; Cyberoptix on Etsy


Hot Binary Heat Changing Mug

Hot Binary Heat Change Mug

$12; ThinkGeek


Control-Alt-Hack Game

Control-Alt-Hack Game

$30; Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe


Brass Circuit Board Cuff Bracelet 

circuit board cuff brass

$25; HardwearDesigns on Etsy