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September 27

The Harry Potter Universe Expands

The Harry Potter Universe Expands  By: Brianna Noll Recently, I discovered the term cryptozoology, which refers to the search for (more so than the study of) animals from legend and folklore. Think Finding Bigfoot, or people who try to photograph the Loch Ness monster. I mean, I’ve known that there are people who do this, […]

February 27

Doctor Who Firsts

Doctor Who Firsts By: Brianna Noll Over the winter holidays, I was in Pennsylvania visiting my family, and we experienced back-to-back snowstorms that kept me housebound for a few days. I burned through the books I’d brought with me pretty quickly, so I started flipping through the channels on the TV, and I came to […]

January 15

Harry Potter and Etymology

Harry Potter and Etymology By: Brianna Noll I’d been meaning to write a Harry Potter post for the holiday season, but I found myself struggling to think of a good topic. There’s so much I could say! I thought about discussing Pottermore’s new (partial) release of the interactive Prisoner of Azkaban; I thought about my […]

December 07

Nerd of the Week

Meet Brianna, a Poetry Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen You’re a self-proclaimed ‘poetry nerd.’ How did poetry spark the ‘nerd’ in you? Poetry made me a nerd for language. It made me want to learn more words and how to use them. It made me passionate about things like diction, syntax, metaphor, punctuation, and line […]

November 06

A Defense of Naruto

A Defense of Naruto By: Brianna Noll   I just let out a rather embarrassing squee. You see, this week, Naruto: Shippuden will be airing a double episode. That’s 47 minutes of ninja world war action, a moment I’m looking forward to almost as much as the weekend. (And I’m attending a Heaven & Hell-themed […]