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July 19

Pinterest Should Be More Than Weddings

Pinterest Should Be More Than Weddings  By: Brit McGinnis Social media nerds are pretty much a thing of the past. Most of us have been snapped up to work at social media firms, and honestly don’t have much time to experiment on new platforms. Seriously, there are tons of newsletters in my inbox every week […]

June 21

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?  By: Brit McGinnis Recently, Microsoft announced that they were recanting all of their former DRM (data rights management) policies, reversing their position on important issues like sharing games and video game consoles always being online. Here’s Giant Bomb’s very-well-summarized list of the true current state of the XBOX […]

June 10

The Doctor’s Newest Companion: Mary Sue

The Doctor’s Newest Companion: Mary Sue By: Brit McGinnis CAUTION: Contains major spoilers, including those from past episodes.   Like many Doctor Who fans, I was extremely impressed by “The Name of the Doctor.” It wrapped up the Impossible Girl plot very neatly, and had plenty of action and new monsters to delight. The return […]

May 08

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers By: Brit McGinnis Starting out as a gamer is hard. I love the culture and there’s a lot of stuff coming out that I’m interested in trying, but like starting anything new for the first time, being around others that know more than you can be very intimidating. […]

March 27

What To Wear to a Fine Arts Event

What To Wear to a Fine Arts Event By: Brit McGinnis If you’re a younger person (17- to 29ish years old), it’s hard to know how to dress for fine arts events. It’s annoying to have to wear a suit or gown to a formal event, but it’s no less awkward (and a lot more […]

March 12

Opera: It’s Not Nearly As Lame As You Think

Opera: It’s Not Nearly As Lame As You Think By: Brit McGinnis I remember my first aria. I’m finding most people remember the most too. It was O Mio Babbino Caro, originally from the opera Gianni Schicchi. It’s a comedy, with a lot of tropes you’d see in a lot of classical Italian opera. There’s death, love, […]

February 18

Video Game Fan Videos

Video Game Fan Videos: Why They’re Amazing By: Brit McGinnis Let me start my first guest post by revealing something about me: I am not a gamer. Nope. Not at all. I love video game culture. I read about it all the time, and I love learning about it. I chill with gamers on a […]