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April 16

The Winter Soldier (2)

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Leaving the theatre after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was high and excited. I would have described the movie in one word: AWESOME. No really, I left the theatre feeling inspired and awe struck. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize it was going […]

April 14

The Winter Soldier

By: Meg Humphrey I am a huge Captain America fangirl. Justice, righteousness, and unwavering moral compasses are some of my absolutely favorite things. Now, I admit that it was The First Avenger that brought me into the fandom (and don’t anyone dare say that I’m not a “real fan” because of it), but since then […]

July 03

O Captain! My Captain!: My Patriotic Confession

O Captain! My Captain!: My Patriotic Confession  By: Terra Clarke Olsen Independence Day is fast approaching…as in, tomorrow…and I’m all in a frenzy. I’m already counting down the moments until fireworks. This year is going to be particularly special because I’m attending my first 4th of July rodeo. In Montana. That’s right, I am going […]

December 17

Nerd Encounters of the Surprise Kind

Nerd Encounters of the Surprise Kind By: Meg Humphrey For me, the best thing about being part of the nerd/geek/whatever community is sharing what you love with other people. It’s why I staff and attend cons. It’s why I make clothes for others to buy. It’s why I write for this Blog. My boyfriend has […]