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January 16

5 Fandom Friday: Convention Attendance

By: Meg Humphrey Check out the original 5 Fandom Friday post over at the Nerdy Girlie! Conventions I’ve been to: Star Wars Celebration! It’s a crap shoot on when this con actually pops up. It’s not a yearly deal and it moves throughout the US. Japan and Europe have also had their own iterations of […]

October 18

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire Interview by Sabrina Taylor OK everyone, let’s be frank.  I’ve been told enough times in my life that I’m “unique” that I suspect there’s some truth to that statement.   I’m a black girl from Iowa who loves anime, LOTS of anime, and read comics when she should be studying. […]

October 11

Brickcon 2013 Picture Spam!

Brickcon 2013 Picture Spam! By: Meg Humphrey My birthday this year happened to fall upon a gloriously nerdy weekend: National Star Wars Reads Day (10/5) and Seattle’s annual Lego convention, Brickcon. I read Star Wars books almost every day, so let’s focus on Lego, shall we? Impressive Star Wars stand ups! The Bossk is what […]

October 04

Some Things You Never Outgrow

Some Things You Never Outgrow By: Meg Humphrey   I’m sure we’re all excited about heading out to corn mazes and pumpkin patches, but in case you have some free time this Saturday or Sunday be aware that BrickCon2012 is happening at the Seattle Center! It is the 10th anniversary of BrickCon – a convention […]