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January 10

A Filmmaker’s Journey

A Filmmaker’s Journey By: Terra Clarke Olsen EMP and SIFF are holding their annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival this weekend in Seattle. I wrote about the festival in my Seattle Weekly column, The Geekly Report, and in doing so had the pleasure of being introduced to Vanessa McMeekin.  McMeekin is making her SFFSFF debut with her […]

May 29

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit: Who Am I? Who Are You?

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit: Who Am I? Who Are You? By: LB Chambers I was touring the EMP’s newest Fantasy exhibit this last weekend when I had a moment that made me question my entire identity as a fantasy nerd. We (my fiancé and I) toured the exhibit, alternating between obsessively studying the original fantasy drafts […]

May 13

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups  By: Meg Humphrey The GeekWire Awards celebrate startups and the people brave enough to take the risk to make them happen. In my mind, I am not especially qualified to be the one sent to the 2013 GeekWire Awards for Have You Nerd. […]

April 29

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit

EMP’s Fantasy Exhibit: A Must-See for Fantasy Fans  By: Terra Clarke Olsen Washingtonians are a lucky bunch. We have great seafood, great coffee, great people, but also a great collection of unique museums, including the EMP Museum. For those who haven’t been, or for those who are about to visit Seattle, now would be the […]