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October 23

GeekGirlCon: Photo Roundup

GeekGirlCon Photo Roundup By: Terra Clarke Olsen This past weekend was GeekGirlCon, and boy was it amazing! Meg and I are both staff members, so we were busy running around all weekend. Happily, everyone seemed to have an amazing time! We’re still both recovering from it, so until we have the energy to give a […]

August 14

Black Milk: Take My Money!

Black Milk: Take My Money! By: Terra Clarke Olsen People can get pretty protective over the things they nerd out on, acting as if they should be the only person allowed to represent “__insert-nerd-passion-here__”.  Well this is just silly, since in reality you should want mooore people to nerd out with you. More people nerding out, […]

February 06

A Classicist’s Reading of the Mass Effect Trilogy

A Classicist’s Reading of the Mass Effect Trilogy By: Madison Abshire As a nerd for classics and history, as well as Sci-Fi and videogames, I am always excited to see those passions intersect.  I am lucky that, in the process of effective world building within a game, templates from the past are often the starting […]