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November 05

40 Years, 40 Items: Hello Kitty Forever

By: TCO The world’s favorite kitty-cat, Hello Kitty, has turned 40 this year (sorry, but I’m not buying the whole “Hello Kitty is not a cat” thing). Hello Kitty first appeared in Japan in 1974 on a vinyl coin purse. Since then she has appeared on more merchandise that one would think humanly possible. (I’m […]

October 26

Nerd of the Week

Meet Shubzilla, a Rap Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen   1: What are you nerdy for? I’m nerdy for rap, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, flavored tobacco, and Asian candy. 2: How did you discover rap? I didn’t really discover nerdcore in the Christopher Columbus sense. My husband, Aaron (AKA VR) is a nerdy rapper, who […]