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September 09

A Fresh View of Rotting Corpses

A Fresh View of Rotting Corpses: Not Your Average Zombie Stories  By: Meg Humphrey Breathers by S.G. Browne In his debut book, Browne’s Zombie Romantic Comedy (Zom-Rom-Com) hits all the right spots. Zombies aren’t a mass infection taking over the world, they are a random accident – sometimes when someone dies they become a zombie. […]

March 06

Nerd Rant: Zombies. They should just stay dead.

Nerd Rant: Zombies. They should just stay dead. By: Andrea Cole This is going to get me a lot of flack, but I’m just going to come out and say it. I am SO over zombies! Sure they are fun occasionally, but for heaven’s sake, they really should be left for dead for a little […]

March 04

The Allure of the Apocalypse

The Allure of the Apocalypse  By: LB Chambers Halfway across a field of tall grass, my character crawling as slowly as possible between a hopper and a walker, at 2:30 am (real world time) I asked myself a question-Why is this what I enjoy? A zombie apocalypse where one hit equals death, my comrades will […]