Welcome Note!


Like many other blog-obsessed individuals out there, I have a million and one blogs bookmarked (more or less) because there are so many wonderful things to nerd-out on. It became tiring going to so many different blogs that specialized in one thing or another, but never seemed to expand beyond their niche. I wanted a blog that celebrated nerding out on things that might not “go together.” Thus Have You Nerd was born.

Have You Nerd is a site for nerdistas and geekistas of all kinds to come together. It is a place where it’s okay to be obsessed with Marc Jacobs and Captain America, it’s okay to be a hard core gamer and an avid knitter, and it’s okay to love physics and sewing. Not only is it okay, but it should be celebrated. Have You Nerd invites you to nerd-out on your own obsessions and hopefully discover new ones.

Happy Reading!