October 11

Keep on Blockin’

Keep on Blockin’

By: Meg Humphrey


BrickCon 2012 was AWESOME! I had the extra bonus of it happening on my birthday this year. What better way to celebrate?

I didn’t really know what to expect going in. I had seen marvelous LEGO displays before at Emerald City Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration VI (they had a huge Battle of Hoth set up with MOVING PIECES!) so my standards for mind-blowing LEGO creations were set pretty high. BrickCon did not disappoint!!

It was too crowded for me to snap any pictures, but the most popular piece was a sprawling Hogwarts replication! It included areas such as the green house where the trio pots mandrakes, the Room of Requirement, Hagrid’s hut, the Forbidden Forest, the Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts classrooms, and was filled to the brim with minifigs of all our favorite Harry Potter wizards, ghosts, teachers, and magical creatures. Thankfully if you just google “Hogwarts BrickCon 2012” you will find AMPLE pictures to satisfy your curiosity!

Don’t worry, there was plenty of other pieces that I DID get pictures of!

One of the coolest things is this LEGO Settlers of Catan setup!

In competition with Hogwarts was this fantasy themed castle layout! Not only did it include a love medieval castle with stunning tower detail, but it extended to include knights fighting trolls, witches’ huts, small villages, and more!

This Epic Meal Time reincarnation has much, much fewer calories than the real thing! If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, a health nut, or don’t like watching lions tear apart zebras, you probably should NEVER watch Epic Meal Time. But it is truly hilarious if you can stomach what they do with meat, cheese, and Jack Daniels (see what I did there!).

Continuing on with the food theme, I loved this mini display of “Ackbar’s Snackbar!” I didn’t know the Admiral was such a big fan of ice cream, cookies, and cakes! That’s just one more reason for me to love him.

I loved this piece! I’m a big fan of mermaids and nautical stuff in general and this moving ruler of the seas was mighty impressive! His head and eyebrows moved and beneath his throne was a full dancing celebration! It had a couple of bonus surprises of Captain Jack Sparrow hiding in a treasure chest and Spongebob popping out of a clam shell! It was extremely detailed and very cute!

Overall BrickCon was a wonderful experience! There were LEGO building tables, vendors with unique LEGO merchandise, and plenty of sets for collectors and children to purchase. Although there was an abundance of kids, there was rarely a screaming child – everyone just seemed happy and excited. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to see what wonders will be there next year!